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In Sofia Municipality

I. General

Art. 1. This Rules shall govern the organization and operation of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association "BA" Diabetes "

II. Activity
Art. 2. / 1 / In the Bulgarian Diabetes Association "be established at the initiative of members of the association of that municipality in order activity in public benefit, it will spend its property and will work to improve living and working conditions of diabetic patients.

Art. 3. 1, "Bulgarian Diabetes Association" works of art. 5 1 of the Charter of the Association in the Municipality as adhere to the objectives and program of the Association and comply with the decisions of the central government.

/ 2 / In the framework of activities under the preceding paragraph "Bulgarian Diabetes Association provides:

Organized protect the rights and legitimate interests of members of BA "Diabetes" to the local authorities of state and Government, and all third parties within the municipality;

Interaction with local public authorities and Government to allow typical problems for diabetic patients to prevent the timely application of modern methods of diagnosis and prevention of complications;

Tsentalnite interaction with public authorities in order to work to raise money to help socially disadvantaged diabetnobolni in the country.

Regarding the causes and nature of the disease, possible complications and consequences, is aimed at creating a national program to build special facilities for treatment, education, sport and recreation of patients with diabetes;

Guidance and support inclusion of BA "Diabetes in regional projects and programs financed by the European Union or the budget, which has received information from local public authorities;

Active correspondence with chuzhdrestranni Associations, sharing the goals and program of BA "Diabetes" in supplying food and dietary organizing diet nutrition;

Interaction and cooperation with relevant experts to inform and organize seminars, conferences, roundtables, symposia and other socially accepted forms of education, communication and contacts for the disease diabetes;

Attracting new members in BA "Diabetes and promote its activities.

III. Membership and relationships

Art. 4. 1, "Bulgarian Diabetes Association" consists of members of the branches of the association - any organization or individual who shares the objectives of the society and the means to achieve them, fulfill its charter and regularly pay the membership fee;

/ 2 / Members of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association ", its founders and later adopted members of the Association who have voluntarily expressed their willingness to be associated with the already vazniknalata Association.

Art. 5. 1, candidates for members of the branches of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association "be adopted on the basis of an application form submitted in duplicate by the President of the organization to the Governing Council of the Association;

/ 2 / For an application under the preceding paragraph shall be considered and any written voleizyavlenie addressed to the Board of the Association, which categorically stated accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association and expressed desire for membership of the natural or legal person in National Club Bulgarian Diabetes Association.

Article 6 / 1 / At the request in previous provision required the following documents:

Candidates for legal persons or entities:

1. Forensic registartsiya copy of the company;

2. A copy of the certificate of good standing;

3. Complete the registration card form;

4. List of the board of the company;

5. List of members of the company;

6. A copy of the VAT number;

Candidates for individuals:

copy of ID card:

a copy of the recipe book, endorsed by a personal doctor and endocrinology;

declaration of state property;

copy of last osavremyanvane pension / of both spouses /:

in divorce, a copy of the act;

in lone copy of the deadly act.

Art. 7 / 1 / membership relationship occurs on the date of adoption of a candidate member of the Association or the local / regional / organization that is done by decision of the Board of BA "Diabetes;

/ 2 / The decision of the Board of the Association immediately reported to the President of the Association.

/ 3 / Chairman of the Bulgarian Association diabetes "notify new member of the local / regional / organization and invited him to the office of the Association to acquaint him with the regulations and other rules of the inner Association, and his award certificate for membership in form as approved by the Board of BA "Diabetes".

/ 4 / Since the adoption of members in BA "Diabetes" or local / regional / organization, a copy of his application for membership, with the number marked on it the decision of the Board shall be granted to members of the President or local / regional / organization storage.

IV. Local authorities
General Assembly

8. / 1 / The General Assembly comprises all members BA "Diabetes;

/ 2 / The General Assembly of BA "diabetes" have the following powers:

Decide on guidelines for the conduct of activities of the Association in the Municipality as adhere to its objectives;

Sets, discuss and adopt measures to conduct the activities of the Association in accordance with the Statute and a BA program "Diabetes";

Elect and remove the President of BA "Diabetes;

Elect and dismiss the Board and the Supervisory Board, proposed by the Chairman of BA "Diabetes;

Adopts Rules of the organization and conduct of business of BA "Diabetes;

Defines office / head / BA of "Diabetes";

Hear the President, the Management and Supervisory Board and take decisions on current problematic issues of politics and business of BA "Diabetes" and as they made specific proposals;

Hearing and deciding on the half-yearly report to the President, the Management and Supervisory Board on the activities carried out by BA "Diabetes" during the period;


Art. 9. / 1 / BA "Diabetes" is headed by Chairman, who is Chairman of the Board and the Association;

/ 2 / The President is elected by the Constituent Assembly of BA "Diabetes" and can be changed only by the General Assembly of the Association. Election of the President of BA "Diabetes" is approved by the Board of the Association;

Art. 10. President of BA "diabetes" have the following powers:

Operational manage and coordinate the work of BA "Diabetes;

Represents the organization before local authorities of state and Government, and all third parties;

Convene the General Assembly and the Board of BA "Diabetes" sets the agenda for meetings;

Every six months, submit a written report on the activities of BA "Diabetes;

Is the General Assembly members of the Management and Supervisory Board;

Organize the participation of members of BA "Diabetes in programs and projects financed by EU structural funds or budget.

Carry out regular contact with branches of the Association;

Organize records and maintain records and the Register of BA "Diabetes".

The President is authorized to delegate rights in the circle of its palnomoshtiya.S view of the continuous implementation and operational performance of tasks / defined in the internal order of BAD;

Art. 11. / 1 / function of Chairman of BA "Diabetes" in his absence, run by an appointed by him, another member of the Board of the organization;

/ 2 / substitution in the first paragraph must be reported to the Deputy. President of the Association;

Management and Supervisory Board
Art. 12. 1, at the discretion of the General Assembly on a proposal to the President of BA "Diabetes" is selected Management and Supervisory Board;

/ 2 / Members of Management and Supervisory Board and many of them offered to the General Assembly by President of BA "Diabetes". The first Management and Control Board is constituted by the decision of the Constituent Assembly of BA "Diabetes;

/ 3/Upravitelniyat Board Chairman of the Association assisted in the implementation of its leadership and coordination by offering organized and operational performance of the business of BA "Diabetes;

/ 4 / Supervisory Board shall control the precise implementation of decisions of the central authorities' Association and control over income and expenditure of BA "Diabetes for timely collection of membership fees and granted a state subsidy.

V. Sessions organist of BA "Diabetes"
Art. 13. / 1 / Meetings of the General Assembly and the Governing Council be convened by the Chairman of BA "Diabetes" on his own initiative or at the request of one third of the members of the collective body;

/ 2 / Governing Council convened by the President at least once every three months to discuss and take decision on operational management, implementation and coordination of activities of BA "Diabetes;

/ 3 / convocation of the meeting is through notification made by mail or other technical means.
Article 14 / 1 / Meetings of the local collective bodies shall be valid when they attend more than half their members.
/ 2 / In the absence of a quorum in the preceding paragraph, the meeting is postponed for one hour later and is considered valid regardless of the number of attendees

Art. 15 / 1 / collective Local authorities may decide by a majority of those present.

/ 2 / For each zasedaniie of the General Assembly and the Governing Council kept Protocol, which entered the agenda and decisions taken at the meeting. The Protocol signed by all present at the meeting;

/ 3 / collective local authorities may take decisions without holding a meeting if the Protocol's decision is signed without remarks and objections that all members of the body.

VI. Additional provisions

Art. 16. Keeping of records and accounting of members or local / regional / organization of the Association in accordance with the Statute of BAD;

Art. 17. All matters concerning the activities of members or local / regional / organization of the Association shall be submitted in writing to the President of BA "Diabetes;

Art. 18. / 1 / For all the applications for membership in the Bulgarian Diabetes Association "is kept, which must be noted: the file number and date of the request, as the number and date of the decision of the Board for the members.

/ 2 / Bulgarian Diabetes Association "supports the archive, which stores a copy of the application for membership, with marked on her decision of the Governing Council for the members or local / regional / organization and a copy of all Protocols thereto svarzanio .

On the basis of art. 34 from the BA "Diabetes, this is Rules

adopted at a meeting of the Board of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association in Sofia in the office of BA "Diabetes, held on ........................ ../200.............g. in

town / village ............................................. .................................................. .................................................. ........
and is approved by the Board of BA "Diabetes" with the decision Protocol № ..................

at a meeting held on ............ 200 years ... Address management BA "Diabetes".