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Minister Bozhidar Nanev and Company "Novo Nodr disk" will discuss the problem with the insulin 
Author: Horizon
Health Minister Bozhidar Nanev and representatives of the Danish company "Novo Nord disk" will next discuss the crisis with insulin for diabetics, after 2 days from now, they cost extra from patients. Vice-President of the Association of diabetic patients Adrian Stoev told Horizon that the main cause of the problem is to introduce a positive list of medicines. He pointed out that it also violates the principle of free treatment for patients with diabetes, which is a worldwide practice. Stoev, was explicit that diabetics in Bulgaria will fight all the way to preserve it.

In the first study of the treatment quality of the diabetes, Bulgaria ranked last in 29th place in Europe. Will not yield a single step back, we will fight in every way to preserve this principle, and through media, through protests and through the support of patients' organizations in the country and seeking assistance from the international diabetes associations. Very strongly urge to seek administrative responsibility of any state employee who has not properly finished the  work and within 6 months to create two great crises and panic among the patients suffering from diabetes to insulin. We are confident that they will find a positive solution to today's meeting, but we can not explain why he should reach such meetings, said the deputy chairman of the Association of diabetic patients Adrian Stoev.