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Life TEMP - 2011


To the Minister of  Health
Dr. S.. Konstantinov

To the Ombudsman of Bulgaria
Mr. K. Penchev 

Dear Mr. Minister!
Dear Mr. Ombudsman!

       In our proposal (see letter to the VC. №, supported by subscription and petition and supported by many other patient groups ...) in 2010, new regulation was adopted for medical examination. There, in Article 69, paragraph 4 states that "In definite conditions without the possibility of full or partial recovery of performance (level of disability) is given life term disability. This disease is diabetes - it is incurable, and if not constantly monitored very well lead to multiple severe, progressive disability ...!!!
       Unfortunately, most TEMP-s in Parties shall not apply this Article in issuing decisions on diabetes and continue to grant three-year decisions. On one side is a violation of the new Ordinance and on the other - compounded zatlachva TEMP-s with unnecessary work and renders the changes ..!
       In this respect Bulgarian Association Diabetes CALLS for a special instruction to all TEMP-s in the country where to regulate compliance with Article 69, para. 4 of the Ordinance on medical expertise. There is clear that -

For all patients with incurable diseases decisions TEMP be issued for life with the possibility of patients seeking preosvidetelstvuvane in deterioration of their health!
       Is inadequate in diseases such as diabetes mellitus to report ""(...?) improvement of the condition and reduce the rate of disability, as every physician knows that this disease is chronic disabilities and with progression! Similar complaints come from patients constantly in our companies across the country, especially in recent years ...!
       We hope that our proposal will introduce a much better line will release significant additional time and will significantly accelerate the work of the TEMP-s ...! On the other hand will be reduced permanent and senseless harassment of thousands of Bulgarian citizens sick!

 30.01.2011g.                                                                                     Credit:
  Sofia                                                                                             (Chairman of BAD - Dr. A. Stoev)