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SUPPORT of National Association of Children with DIABETES


To the Manager of the NHIF
Dr. N. Nesheva
Cc: Minister of Health
Dr. S.. Konstantinov 

Dear Dr. Nacheva, 


        Bulgarian Association Diabetes (BAD) strongly supports the demands of children endocrinologists and the National Association of Children with Diabetes (bidding) to ease the criteria for the granting of insulin analogues and better conditions for the treatment of children and people with diabetes - type 1. Ineffective treatment they quickly made their disabled people of working age ...!
        We demand and ensure sufficient funds for self-ALL patients on intensified insulin therapy. This was promised and realized almost before your appointment, but not yet a fact ..! (This can be done by the proposed adjustments in Annex 1 in regulation of the NHIF.) It is that good training, art therapy and regular checks on patients with diabetes on one hand will prevent and slow down all diabetic complications, on the other - will save huge amounts of fewer hospitalizations for diabetics due to hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis, treatment of already occurred disabilities, disability, loss of working capacity and more.
        Soon deposited into a similar letter (with entr. № .....) - with medical arguments signed by Republican endocrinologists - Prof. K. Koprivarova and Prof. R. Zacharieva, Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology and many prominent endocrinologists in the country to which increasingly still no reply!
   On 11/01/2011
    Sofia                                                                                                Credit:
                                                                                                       (Dr. A. Stoev - President of BAD)


Proposal of BAD to change the regulations of the NHIF regarding allocation of funds for self-control of diabetes - will take about 7-9 million additional funding, but will save much more!   
I. Prescribed, dispensed, AND RECEIPT OF meter and test strips for self
A. Conditions required documents and procedures for obtaining meter and test strips for self
A.1. Conditions for obtaining glucose monitors and test strips for self-control.
A.1.1. Entitled to receive the meter and test strips for it, have all ZZOL of insulin therapy as follows:
? meter - 1. for a period of 5 years from the date of receipt, certified by recipe booklet;
? Test Strips meter:
- In conventional insulin therapy - 150 pcs. for one year from date of receipt;
- On intensified insulin therapy of children to 18 years *** - do1100 issue. (At the discretion of the treating endocrinologist) for one year from date of receipt;
- Pregnant - 1100 pcs. during the pregnancy.
.................................................. .................................................. ............................. 
*** NOTE: 
 The removal of the phrase "Children up to 18 years is enough to solve a significant part of the problems with self-control, effective treatment and prevention of acute and chronic diabetic complications in insulin-dependent diabetics ...!!!
 Highlighted in blue text will save money and allow doctors to grant test strips according to individual needs, training and opportunities for self-regulation of the patient!