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Letter to the Bulgarian Dental Association
Dear Dr. Milanov
BULGARIAN Diabetes Association (BAA) is the only national organizations of people with diabetes in the Republic of Bulgaria.
It was founded in 1990 by prominent Bulgarian endocrinologists, physicians and patients under the supervision of Prof. N. Kolebinov. We fight to improve the lives, treatment and prevention of over 500,000 diabetics across the country. For this purpose, we require the state to provide the necessary conditions for the modern treatment and self-control of diabetes and systemic prevention of diabetic complications! Moreover protect human diabetics and strive to solve problems raised by them through appropriate public and health institutions and facilities. The management of BAA works closely with all patient groups by the Confederation for Health Protection in Bulgarian Society for Endocrinology, with the Association of the diabetes nurse in Bulgaria and many other Bulgarian and international organizations!
Poorly controlled diabetes, typical for over 75% of diabetics in Bulgaria, leading to a number of serious vascular complications. One of these complications is periodontitis, which deals with dental health of patients and requires special care. On this occasion, even before the establishment of the NHIS, we insisted that the package of mandatory testing of patients with diabetes to include at least two reviews a dentist annually and, if necessary and possible - physiotherapy course and possible surgery for the treatment of periodontitis. Unfortunately NHIS continues to do nothing for the prevention of diabetic complications, especially in terms of dental health ..!
In this regard, we ask for assistance Bulgarian Dental Association (BDA) and offer cooperation to organize a free screening of diabetics in the country. We undertake to inform people with diabetes out of your settlements in the country for such examinations conducted by the dentist - on schedule. On the one hand this will create a clear picture of dental health among diabetics in the country, while the other will focus on our members who took part in the initiative as their trusted dentists dentists ...!
In 2009 - 2010 years we have organized a similar initiative in the field of nephrology - with BULGARIAN KIDNEY ASSOCIATION. Were discovered many new cases of chronic renal impairment among people with diabetes in the country and it was found that over 43% of cases of severe renal complications leading to dialysis due to diabetes! Pending the realization of such a joint project with Bulgarian Neurological Society with the support of the company "Pfizer" for the study of diabetic polyneuropathy. Suggestions for such cooperation in the field of dental health! On the basis of this study will be able to offer the NHIF concrete measures to improve the dental treatment of diabetics.
For more information on the relationship of diabetes and dental health, see the article:
• http://www.puls.bg/health/dental/news_8041.html
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Sofia (Dr. A. Stoev - Chairman of the BAA)