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By Bulgarian Association " Diabetes" want to ban advertising of unhealthy foods | 12.10.2013 15:05
| Www.bnr.bg | www.bnr.bg
To ban advertising of unhealthy foods that tempt children insist on Bulgarian Association
"Diabetes" in a letter to the Minister of Health, was announced at a seminar in Borovets. By Association "Diabetes" offer
still in the draft National Health Strategy 2014-2020 year to underpin the creation of a network of diabetic
centers in the country where endocrinologists to monitor , treat and educate patients with diabetes to adopt urgently
National Programme for Diabetes and create a national diabetes register, which would help to
planning costs for the treatment of disease. They want more MoH to introduce health education as a compulsory
subject , so that from an early age children are educated in healthy living and eating.
Around 500,000 are diabetics in the country, while some 150,000 people are diagnosed.
Nigyar Jaffer with reproaches to NHIF | 12.10.2013 09:14 | www.tv7.bg |
Problems of patients with diabetes discuss patient representatives and institutions. Testlentite
to control diabetes cost pennies , and the National Health Insurance Fund negotiated them much more expensive.
This reproach made ??Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Committee Nigyar Jaffer .