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Dear colleagues and friends,
Bulgarian Diabetes Association is pleased to inform you that the preparation of our football team to participate in an international tournament in Croatia - DIAEURO - 2013 runs in full force.
If you want to join our supporters and support our boys, you can do so by joining the group accompanying the teams.
It is better to come close to the players deserve our activists and young people with diabetes ...! Let's imagine Bulgaria and Bulgarian Diabetes Association in the best possible way to Europe!
The tournament will be held from 26 to 31 August 2013 has organized bus transportation departing from Smolyan to 25.08 am (and will pass through Sofia) and accommodation with meals at the Youth Center, which will be held tournament. The accommodation are 4-6 people per room.
The cost of the trip - along with accommodation and meals will be about 600 - 800 BGN. per person.
To be included in the accompanying group must submit within 22 Jul. names and contact details for feedback to the Association ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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According to Australian researchers, the problem called diabetes could be fighted by humanity in 2016. Scientists said they are one step away from creating artificial adrenal gland, which will be salvation for those suffering from diabetes. The prototype program and device simulating the operation of this gland have successfully passed the tests.
The principle of operation is as follows: body art measures the level of glucose in the blood in response to the data released right dose of insulin. A final phase of testing is on.
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"November - Month of diabetes'
            BULGARIAN Diabetes Association three years now organizes "November - MONTH OF DIABETES".
           Under the motto of the IDF Diabetes: Protecting Our Future, "Suitable for all", "Proper training for all" in Sofia and other cities around the country organize lectures, sport events, radio and television broadcasts, free screening for diabetes, etc. .
          This year, the BAD and the company "Marvena" organized on November the 14th a Prayer for the health of all the people with diabetes in Bulgaria, which will be celebrated at 17:00 am in the" Temple St. Sophia - Wisdom of God. " Will be lit and the symbolic one wall of the temple with blue light. ALL are welcome!
        The blue color and the circle and adopted as a logo of the World Day of Diabetes, as symbols of life, health and the blue sky that unites all nations.
         November the 14th was declared World Diabetes Day  and celebrated every year since 1991 under the auspices of the World Health Organization. In 2006. with resolution 61/225 of the UN day he became officially monitored by the UN.
        The choice of date is not arbitrary, as it is the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best made epochal discovery of the role of insulin in the treatment of diabetes. Today, over 160 countries around the world, celebrate the WDD by different organizations, companies, healthcare organizations and allies, united by one goal: to improve the lifestyle and treatment of people with diabetes.
       Diabetes was the cause in 2011 for the death of more than 4 million and a half people and spent more than 465 billion dollars to treat. These are shocking figures. It is expected that in 2030 the number of sufferers from diabetes will reach 552 million people.
        This pandemic must be stopped!
      Society must recognize the need for information, prevention and control of the disease.
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Response of the  letter of the Ministry of Health to develop a long-term national strategy for diabetes (2012 - 2020

This response gives us hope that the government is serious about the problems of people with diabetes in Bulgaria!
Hopefully discussed it as a good idea - a national diabetes register for more resources for self-control for quality of medical professionals and diabetics for prevention programs and screening Recovery Advisory Board in Endocrinology and others ... it is URGEN to be implemented!
 We also count more in Budget 2013 to plan adequate means for their realization ..!

People with diabetes (and our relatives, friends and doctors) are more than 2 million Bulgarian voters!
Let each managing to comply with this fact in real activity before elections ...!
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VI-th National Congress of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association / BDA - doctors / - held on May 11 to 13
2012 in Rousse

         It's been just one month from the recent VI-th Congress of BDA and II-nd International Symposium on the treatment of type 2 diabetes with insulin pumps. The congress passed under the symbol of the Blue Circle the World initiative "Together against Diabetes."
Whit this was accepted responsibility to support all efforts aimed at control and treatment of diabetes as one of the major diseases of the 21st century.
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For Young people with diabetes - a proposal by the IDF Europe!
Dear young people,
Please everyone be included in this camp to call by phone and submit applications in the office of BAD with the necessary data to April 10, 2012!
 \\\Subject: International summer youth camp (13-20 July 2012) for active members of associations of IDF aged 18-25 years. Application Deadline: 30.04.2012g.
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Treatment of patients with diabetes in Bulgaria
does not meet the medical criteria

During the seminar on "Is Modern treatments for patients with diabetes mellitus" experts endocrinologists agreed on the idea that the existing criteria for switching from one insulin analogue to another, it is imperative to be removed and the number of test strips for patients over 18 years must be increased.
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Initiation of insulin therapy
The objective of this letter a study is to provide guidance to physicians, starting insulin therapy for their patients. We concentrate our efforts on the first three days of insulin treatment. The patient should be able to be mentored ie condition should not be critical.
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Prevention of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia -
causes, symptoms, treatment and recommendations

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От кои храни по колко да консумираме ?  


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Training diet

       The purpose of this educational letter is to show how patients can be advised about their diet, taking into account their personal characteristics, emotional, social and culturally part in nutrition. Maintaining proper nutrition is one of the milestones in the control of diabetes (and sometimes most difficult to conduct in the daily life of the patient).
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