On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, 14 November
Bulgarian Association of Diabetes, Marvena and DEYA they invited to participate in

 The blue circle is the symbol of World Diabetes Day.
On the eve of November 14 each year people around the world gather
in public places and form vibrant blue circles
to attract public attention.
This year the Bulgarian diabetic community again joined the campaign to support efforts to prevent and control diabetes.
On 13/11/2010, Saturday, 16:30 AM
to the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov"
we will gather in a living blue circle with open blue umbrella
and in minutes the theater will be highlighted in blue.
For detailed instructions on how to become part of the living blue circle
come to 13.11. just at 16:00 pm
music books to the National Theatre.
Be among the first 100 and get a blue umbrella.