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If you do not create a national program for diabetes - protest is going to raise

If the state continues to hang with the adoption of a national program for diabetes and diabetic register will organize the protest, said Adrian Stoev, chairman of the Bulgarian Association "Diabetes", a reporter on Thursday. Stoev said that on the eve of World Day to Combat Diabetes November 14. The theme of World Day to combat diabetes in the period from 2009 to 2013 was "Education and prevention of diabetes. The motto of November 14, 2010 is "Yes. Lets master the diabetes. Now!". World Day to Combat Diabetes is marked by over 200 organizations, members of the International Diabetes Federation, in over 160 countries. Since 2007, 14 November an official day of the United Nations.

In today's forum is attended by leading Bulgarian specialists Assoc Prof. - Dr. Zvetalina Tankova, Dr. Vladimir Hristov, Dr. Malina Petkova and Dr. Kalinka Koprivarova - members of the leadership of the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology,  Dr. Adrian Stoev - Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Diabetes and Elizabeth Kotova - Chairman of the National Association of children with diabetes in Bulgaria.

The world now has over 300 million people with diabetes, such as every 10 seconds two are sick, and one person dies from diabetes. Each year 7 million new diabetics, and 70,000 of them are children. Diabetes is becoming a global epidemic. This horrifying statistics gave Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Zvetalina Tankova.  It is a pity that half of people with diabetes do not know they have the disease. "The Silent Killer" as called him Professor Tankova, is a leading cause of death, stroke, heart attack, blindness and amputations future. In Bulgaria, probably half a million people have the disease and about 40% of them do not have the faintest idea. The problem with diabetes are complications, the specialist explained, adding that then costs of diabetes increased about 20-24 times. Assoc Panzer explained that in most diabetic patient consumes 10% of the total health budget in Bulgaria, however, one patient per year are released on $ 301. For comparison, in Greece this figure is 2742, and in Slovakia 779 dollars. One of the major problems in diabetic patients are lack of funding for their care and control. After the age of 18 years in our country seriously limited the possibilities for self-control in people on insulin treatment. For them to spend 150 test strips per year, which is scarce. Is limited and access to specialist advice.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Malina Petkova said that before the 2000 year in Bulgaria there was a network of centers where patients can be trained, and the state is not losing it. "What we have now," she asked and answered itself - chaotic, accidental training diabetnobolni, which has been deployed by GPs. In her words, training can be enjoyed by people, mostly elderly people with type 2 diabetes who fail to soliciting their doctor for guidance. Young people do not have this option because of them they are entitled to review the third year. "If well-informed society and it has good health culture, can we talk about prevention of diabetes," added Professor Petkova. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Hristov also focuses on issues of primary prevention of disease. He noted that in the course of diabetes treatment increased funds since complications appear, sooner or later. "Quality control is not at all good" was explicit, Dr. Christopher. In world practice, sufficiently proved that the proper conduct of prevention, prevention of diabetes has proven that it can prevent or delay the disease. Seen from an economic perspective the investment in prevention would save a great deal to those funds that are granted for the complications of diabetes.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kalinka Koprivarova, which is a national consultant in pediatric endocrinology, focusing on social policy for children with diabetes. She gave as an example a kinder-garden in Sofia, which has a special group for children with diabetes. In the countryside, however, when a child gets sick, where to go, said the specialist.

 Children should not be seen as different, "said Elizabeth Kotova, chairman of the National Association of children with diabetes in Bulgaria. School children should not run in the toilets to set themselves to measure their insulin or blood sugar, added Kotov. She gave the example of a child, which made insulin in the street, a man sees it, think it is a drug addict and calling police. There is no country in the world that has such a limitation of test strips - $ 1 test strip saves $ 4 for a complication at a later stage, "said Kotov, citing a study that was prepared. Kotov Elizabeth, the mother of a child with diabetes, said that seven years dealing with the problem and has not seen any change yet. It is clear that from now on every year on November 1, the association will seek account what has changed.

Dr. Adrian Stoev, who is chairman of the Bulgarian Association "Diabetes," recalled the warning by the World Health Organisation, which warned that any government fails to take necessary for patients with diabetes, then in 2020 many health ministries and funds will go bankrupt . Take perfect solutions that remain on paper and nothing is done below, to get into practice, Stoev added, referring to the rejected National Program for diabetes and diabetic register of the National Assembly. Aging programs in the offices of the Health Ministry, he said. There are many resources needed to train the Bulgarians what is healthy and eating properly, added the President of the Diabetes Association. In his words, each normal health minister should know how to avoid the approaching pandemic of diabetes in Europe. He announced that the forthcoming national symposium in Burgas, which will discuss the problem of funds for diabetics and was adamant that if you still hang with the adoption of the State national program on diabetes and diabetic registry would organize protests. / BGNES / www.bgnes.com