Dear Friend,
The turn of the year gives us all the opportunity to pause for reflection and look back on the trials and achievements of the
past twelve months, before steeling ourselves to take on the challenges of another year.
And what a year 2011 has been!

This was a year in which great strides were made towards real change for diabetes, the year
when diabetes was brought before the world’s leaders in New York at the first ever UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs.
Today, we face the future equipped with much more than just hope.

For in this year, we secured the signed commitment of those world leaders, in the form of an official UN Political Declaration,
to address the constellation of critical issues that conspire to fuel and exacerbate the current epidemic of diabetes and NCDs.
With the publication thereafter of the IDF Global Diabetes Plan, diabetes advocates worldwide have the guidance we need to
embark on positive action for diabetes and a brighter tomorrow for millions of people and communities worldwide.

As we brace ourselves for the work ahead, let us not forget that we are able to see so clearly so far ahead because we stand
on the shoulders of giants. I had the enormous honour and personal pleasure, just a few days ago, of paying homage formally
to the Past Presidents of IDF at our World Diabetes Congress in Dubai, before representatives from around the globe of the
thousands of volunteers who make up the IDF family. Our strength and standing today are the fruits of their great efforts and
dedication to the cause of diabetes.

It is an honour and a pleasure now for me to salute the countless diabetes heroes in communities worldwide who manage
their own diabetes, those who help other people with their diabetes and those who, like me, serve the Federation.

This year, World Diabetes Day was celebrated across our seven Regions by more people than ever before. IDF’s snowballing
movement of mass participation rolled around the planet in 2011 like never before, reaching new communities and gathering
supporters   in  ever-greater   numbers.   14   November   was   once   again  the   day   diabetes   took   centre-stage  in  the   international
media and in popular consciousness everywhere from Liverpool to Lusaka!

The Dubai Congress was spectacular – a genuinely global meeting with over 15,100 participants that was staged impeccably in
spectacular surroundings. My special thanks go to all those who worked so hard to make the 2011 World Diabetes Congress
our biggest and most successful to date.

Wherever this message finds you, I hope you will take a moment to join me in a virtual toast to our past and our future. In
2012 and beyond, may the light of hope shine ever more brightly on the millions of people who a re living with diabetes and
those who are at risk – wherever they live.

Thanks to you, we will remain a family united by that hope, United for diabetes.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Jean Claude Mbanya MD PhD FRCP
International Diabetes Federation