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Sets the epidemic of diabetes in recent years in our
Prof. Anna-Maria Borissova - President of Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology
Задава се епидемия от диабет в близките години у нас
Late consequence of the disease leading to disability and the enormous costs for treatment.

Unless urgent measures are taken against the sugar diabetes and do not provide financial resources for prevention and adequate treatment in the next few years we expect an outbreak of epidemic disease.
This predicts Prof. Anna-Maria Borissova of Plovdiv in the ongoing National Research Symposium on Endocrinology.
The chairwoman of the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology announced that those suffering from the most popular social disease has already significantly exceed 500 thousand people.
"Disturbing is the fact that only 300 thousand are aware of the disease and treat" - said Prof. Borisov and added that this is precisely the place of prevention, campaigns and mass screening, where to find acts of diabetes as early as possible .
She said that if the state and health care institutions do not take urgent measures for several years of diabetes patients will increase by at least another 200 thousand.
"The Bulgarian mass do not care about their health. Stress and lifestyle, diet and obesity, alcohol and cigarettes are just some of the preconditions for the emergence of diabetes," explained Prof. Borisova.
The experts spread of type 2 diabetes has acquired epidemic dimensions. Late sequelae of the disease leading to disability and the enormous costs lechenie.Ot other hand, many of the complications can be reduced by therapeutic interventions to ensure strict glycemic control.
During the symposium of the endocrinologists they united around the view that irrespective of the wide selection of medicines and treatment combinations, the optimal control of diabetes is still difficult to grasp. The forum involved over 350 experts and special guest is the chairman of the International Association thyroid Lauberg Peter from Denmark.
For the first time the Symposium will be presented the latest World and European recommendations and guidelines in all areas of ednokrinologiyata.
"This will be a training manual for doctors, the most important recommendations in different directions from diagnosis to treatment of disease." - added Prof. Borisova.
Within the forum is free and conducted surveys.

Every Tenth is sick with diabetes
In Bulgaria, 595 700 are diabetics, or 10.1 percent. These data suggest the International Federation to combat diabetes, announced by the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology. About 40 percent of diabetics in the country do not know that they are suffering from diabetes, other 70% are badly treated. By the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology have done extensive study of diabetes mellitus type two, which extended 10 888 diabetics in the country. According to the results 40 percent of diabetics are indications for hospitalization, while 35.6% developed complications (damage to the eyes, kidneys, infarctions and strokes). 
Conclusion of the company is poor compensation of diabetes and the need to improve the interaction between endokrinolozi and general physicians to detect disease earlier and to take adequate action to prevent the occurrence of complications. According to Sabina Zaharieva - Executive Director of University Hospital in Endocrinology, often with an increased risk of developing diabetes are overweight people with high blood pressure, women who during their pregnancy had high blood pressure. According to the International Federation in Europe, 31 million people suffer from diabetes, the incidence of disease was 8.6%. Forecast for 2025 is the number of patients to reach 10%. In the message of the International Federation on the occasion of World Day for Combating diabetes, sent to all countries around the world, indicates that every 10 seconds one person dies of diabetes. Every ten seconds two people develop diabetes. Each year 70 million children develop diabetes. The most common signs of diabetes are frequent urination, rapid weight loss, loss of strength, excessive thirst. The motto of the initiatives this year is "To extract the light Diabetes". 
24 November 2008, Monday