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in Bulgaria
As a patient in the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with the law, you have the following rights:
Right of  understanding and acceptance the rights specified below in full. If for some reason the content you do not fully understand or need help with their interpretation, the hospital , which is required to treat you give the necessary assistance , including to provide you with an interpreter.
Eligible to receive free emergency throughout the country.
Free choice of doctor and hospital where they are being treated .
Entitled to free transport on medical grounds .
Right of medicines for home treatment , fully or partially paid by the NHIF.
Right of research and consulting at the discretion of the treating physician , without paying extra for it , but due user fee .
The right to receive treatment without discrimination by race , gender, age , ethnicity , origin, religion , education, cultural level , political affiliation , sexual orientation, personal or social status or property status.
Right to peaceful hospitalization in hygienic and safe environment without undue restrictions. For hospitalization , the doctor issued a referral for hospitalization . Not require such a direction if you are focused on emergency care or have addressed directly to the Emergency Portal of the hospital .
Right to know the family and the official status of your doctor . Right to know the name, position and function of the hospital staff involved in your treatment and , if necessary, to give up their monitoring , evaluation and treatment.
Entitled to more than one medical opinion on the diagnosis , treatment and prognosis of the disease . In this case, the hospital is required to provide access to your personal doctor to your medical records .
Entitled to receive all information necessary for your consent to the proposed procedures and methods of treatment. This information should include details of the diagnosis and the nature of the disease , a description of the purpose and nature of the treatment, reasonable alternatives, the expected results , the potential risks associated with the proposed diagnostic and treatment methods, including side effects and adverse reactions , pain and other inconveniences , the likelihood of favorable response , the risk to health from use of other methods of treatment or refusal of treatment , the benefits and potential risks of the proposed treatment.
During surgery , general anesthesia and other invasive diagnostic and therapeutic methods that lead to an increased risk of life and your health or a temporary change in consciousness , informed consent is given in writing.
In a hospital have the right to be visited by their GP and specialist, issued direction for hospitalization, to accept or refuse visitors to use the services of a psychotherapist , lawyer and priest . You have the right on education and access to activities that match your social, religious and cultural needs . The only thing you are required to pay the hospital a user fee and some supplies set by the NHIF. The hospital is required to issue you an invoice for the expenses incurred.
Right to withdraw at any time of the proposed method of treatment and get comprehensive explanations of the possible consequences for your health , and you leave the hospital .
Right to withdraw from participation in clinical trials. You are entitled to comprehensive information , regardless of whether you agree or not to participate in such studies.
Privacy of your health information . Your health data are protected and can not be transmitted to third parties without your consent , unless otherwise provided by law cases.
Right to participate in decisions concerning the methods of treatment and your discharge from the hospital. The hospital is required to provide you medical history at your spelling , and written instructions for the order in which to continue treatment at home if necessary.
Eligible to receive free access to their medical records and get a copy of your medical records at a reasonable price.
Entitled to receive an invoice for the amount you have paid , including the user fee during your treatment.
Have to get a doctor's note if your condition does not allow you to work .
May be referred and certified by LEDC in cases of permanent disability .
Right to dissent expressed on anatomical donation of your organs, tissues and cells. Disagreement expressed by signing a written declaration to your GP, which reflects the fact to your health insurance card . If you do not have health insurance , you can file a written statement of disagreement in the municipality of residence .
Right to send complaints about medical services to the district health center . In 10 days of the filing of the complaint the district health center is required to notify you of the results of the inspection and the action taken. Right to send complaints about medical services to the Regional Health Insurance Fund. Right to submit a complaint to the Medical Audit Executive Agency . Right to submit a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office.
Right of action for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage.
These guidelines were developed by the Center for Protection in Health.
Do not hesitate to contact us when you believe or even suspect that your rights have been violated ! Our mission is to protect you . -