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CONSULTATION FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (with NEMC) - (in the regional Directorate for Social Assistance - of a permanent address)!

V. Benefits (for persons with NEMC - over 71%) 

      I. The Social assessment of disabled people  in art. 12, para. 2 of the Law for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities  is carried out by an advisory committee (commissions) set up to the Directorate of Social Assistance, after examining the requests received form (Annex № 1 to Art. 11, para. 1 of the Regulations of the law on integration of people with disabilities ) and produced their social reports.
      The Commission  evaluates the rehabilitation needs of the person with a disability, opportunities for employment and professional development, opportunities for training and retraining, social circumstances, health, family and domestic nature concerning the possibility of integration of the disabled person.
      The Social assessment contains individual  plan with recommendations to the person:
      - Integrated training or education in special schools;
      - Employment in an integrated environment or specialized enterprises and cooperations;
      - Teaching in a center for training or retraining;
      - Use an appropriate type of social services;
      - Other opportunities for integration.
       Social assessment is issued for the period referred to in expert decision  to determine the percentage of reduced working capacity or the decision to determine the reduced opportunity for social adaptation of children. The term of the social assessment, issued on the basis of a life time ED is 5 years from the date of issuing its new assessment can be made before expiry of the previous evaluation, if the person under Art. 12, para. 2 RDP in a new ED issuing of NEMC  before the expiry of the current solution, a change in the needs of the person, change the possibilities for integration of the person. (vizh. Art. 12 and Art. RDP 13 and Art. 11 to 15 RRDP)
      The request to the Directorate of Social Assistance for the preparation of social assessment of a person with a disability with the following documents:
      - Identity document (reference);
      - Expert decision NEMC  or REMC;
      - Judicial decision or administrative action (only for adopter, guardian or trustee;
      - Evidence of family or close relatives or family in art. 26 of the Law on Child Protection;
      - Other documents of importance for carrying out the social assessment.
      Based on the social assessment of persons with disabilities shall be granted a monthly supplement for a social integration according to the type and extent of damage by the Director of the Directorate of Social Assistance. The order may be appealed before the regional director of the Directorate of Social Assistance in accordance with the Law on Administrative Proceedings.
      The right of a monthly supplement to the social integration of art. 42 from RDP arises from 01.01.2005, provided that the application of social integration is submitted to 01.07.2005, and in other cases - the date of application for a monthly supplement for social integration. The decisions of REMC and NEMC set 31.12.2004 to keep in force, provided that the time limit on them has not expired.  

      II. MONTHLY ADDENDUM for social integration of people with disabilities shall be granted according to the type and extent of disability and their individual needs. This additive is differentiated and represents funds that completes their own incomes and are intended to cover the actual costs incurred by the person (art. RDP 42).
      The additive is differentiated according to the additional costs of the person to:
      A monthly addendum for transport services at the rate of 15 percent from the guaranteed minimum (GM) income for people with permanent disabilities and 71% and over 71% permanently reduced working capacity of disabled workers by 50% to 70% and diseases of the lower limbs of children 7 to 16 years of age with permanently reduced ability for social adaptation;
      A monthly use of information and telecommunication services amounted to 20% of GM for persons with permanent disabilities over 16 years of age and over 90% with permanently reduced working capacity determined by ED foreign aid for children under the age of 16 with over 71% permanently reduced ability for social adaptation;
      A monthly  supplement to training up to 20% of GM for persons with permanent disabilities by 71% and over 71% and permanently reduced working children under the age of 16 with a permanently reduced ability for social adaptation;
      A spa and rehabilitation, to be paid annually to persons with disabilities lasting more than 90 percent lost workers, children up to 16 years old with permanently reduced opportunity for social adaptation of military disabled. The additive is used and accompanying persons with certain foreign aid in the ED. This addition is three times the amount of GM, but not more than a real expenditure certified with original document for the expenses;
      A monthly supplement to diets and diet drugs amounted to 15% of GM of persons with permanent disabilities by 71% and over 71% permanent reduced working capacity or children permanently reduced ability for social adaptation in the presence of a medical prescription by a physician specialist;
      A monthly supplement to the information available at the rate of 15% of GM of persons with permanent hearing and / or visual impairment with reduced working capacity 71% and over 71% of children permanently reduced opportunity for social adaptation.
      A monthly supplement to meet the basic needs of living - rent municipal housing to persons with permanent disabilities by 71% and over 71% less capacity if accommodation is the order of their face. The additive is the amount of rent normally defined under the Municipal Property Act. ( art. RRDP of 24-31, SN. 115 of 2004)
      A monthly social integration on the basis of an application form supplied by the person entitled or his legal representative to the Directorate of Social Assistance on a permanent address, upon the presentation of identity card (passport ) and social assessment of the advisory committee.
      The monthly supplement is paid on condition that he not qualify for the same type of care (service) to other laws (Article 11 to 15 RRDP).
      We recommend the readers to begin submitting applications to relevant departments for social assistance to carry out social assessment under Art. 12, para. 2 RDP of the law and its implementing rules came into force on 01.01.2005, and from the same date is repealed Act for the protection, rehabilitation and social integration of disabled people (paragraph 2 of the Transitional and Final Provisions of RDP) . 

       III. Vignette. People with disabilities, owners of cars should apply declaration  to receive a free sticker (vignette).
Applications will be presentated on the permanent address at the Directorate for Social Assistance
Deadline for filing applications for obtaining free annual flower is December 31.
Validity of the flower - from 01 January to 31 December.
      Necessary documents certifying the right to receive a free vignette:
      - A copy of the expert decision NEMC;
      - The car's registration card;
      - Power of attorney in case of authorization.
      - Act of marriage when the car is a family property. 


Art. 53. (1) Persons with reduced ability to move more than 90  percent reduced working capacity, which require foreign aid, use targeting aid of benefit attendant to 10 hours annually on their visits to the state, municipal, health, educational and other institutions in the amount of 5 BGN for an hour .

(2) Target assistance at para. 1 shall be paid by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities by territorial bodies of the Union of the Disabled in Bulgaria.

(3) The territorial bodies of the Union of the Disabled in Bulgaria provide monthly records of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities on the number of beneficiaries attendant and expenditures for equipment.

(4) The relationship between the Agency for Persons with Disabilities and the Union of the Disabled in Bulgaria related to the payment of benefits assigned under para. 1 shall be governed by a contract between the parties in the implementation of integration programs.

      Clarifications: In the beginning of each year shall be filed in the structure of the sibling (the Company) in place and the relevant documents to be included in a list to expedient support. The request may be submitted by close of disabled people, but on presentation of identity card (passport) and decision or NEMC. 

        V. Other benefits to which you have the right (with NEMC - over 71%) --

  • Preferential subscription card for public transport;
  • Social pension from Social Security -  determined individually;
  • 20 free minutes (monthly) with a contract to M-Tel;
  • Two two-way distance bus ticket (annually);
  • Two two-way rail trips (annual);
  • to 75 percent reductions for taxes in different places ...;
  • reduced the income tax .... 

     VІ.  Incentives and preferences in different laws
According to Art. 25 para. 2 of the local taxes on property which is home primarily to persons with reduced working capacity by 50% to 100% tax is payable at 75% discount.
According to Art. 58 para 1 of the same Act are exempted from payment of annual tax, vehicles - owned by a person with reduced working capacity of 50 - 100% with an engine capacity up to 1800 cc and a power up to 74 kv / 100 hp . /
According to Art. 29 para. 3 of the Income Tax Act of individuals with reduced capacity of 50 - 100% discount of the final year / patent / tax is defined as the resulting taxable income is reduced by twice the amount of tax-free monthly, yearly minimum respectively Persons who pay patent tax benefit reduction of 50%
According to Art. 68 para. 3 of the Higher Education Act disabled with permanent disability and reduced working capacity of 50 - 100% is taken with strict conditions if they have successfully participated in competitive exams ..
According to Art. 95 para. 5 is predvedeno exemption from tuition fees in public higher education for people with permanent disabilities and reduced working capacity above 70% 
   (Using materials from the site of the Varna Society of the Disabled).